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Possum Creek Skate Park

Editorial Layout (Our Town Magazine)
Project Description

This layout for Our Town Magazine was particularly fun for me because I use to skateboard a lot when I was younger. When I say a lot, I mean every waking second that wasn’t in school. From time-to-time I still push the old bones around the skate park. I mostly just roll around on the little ramps and try to impress my 3 year old — he’s a tougher audience than you might think.

Skateboarding and design have always had a very strong connection for me. I developed a lot of my early interest in design from the artwork on skateboard decks in the 80’s and early 90’s.

Some of My Favorite Artists

Marc McKee
V. Courtlandt Johnson
Jim Phillips


Photographs by TJ Morrissey
for Lotus Studios


Design, Page Layout