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The Mercury Program - Chez Viking

CD/LP Packaging & Website

Since 1997, I’ve had the pleasure of making music with an excellent group of gentlemen in a band called The Mercury Program. Our latest release Chez Viking came out on Lovitt Records in November 2009.

About the Packaging

The idea for the Chez Viking packaging was to design something that felt open and sparse, but without coming across cold or sterile. I also wanted it to have a vintage quality, not necessarily grunge or distressed, but more like a well-kept record that was starting to fade and discolor.

About the Website

Tinkering around with HTML to build sites for my band was how I first got interested in designing for the web. The Mercury Program formed in 1997, and at the time I had no idea how to build a website. I remember spending weeks reading HTML books and learning a program called HoTMetaL4. (Thanks Dad.) What I ended up creating was a giant mess of tables, inline styles and <font> tags. But hey, our band had a website, and that was pretty cool in 1997.

We now use a variety of other social media to communicate with our fans, so for the official website I built a simple site using the look-and-feel from the record. The site is hooked into a paypal account so the record can be purchased directly from the site, and there’s also a small list of tour dates.


Design, HTML & CSS, jQuery, PayPal Integration

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